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Tickets, Passes & VIP Experience

How can I purchase weekend passes?


You can purchase your weekend pass on our website by clicking here.


If the event is not sold-out, it will be possible to get hold of a single day pass for a gate price according to availability.


It is possible to buy hard tickets from a promoter. Assure you that he is an official promoter of Metro Metro Festival and that the ticket bears the Electrostub stamp.  

It is important to have the hard ticket in hand when you arrive at the event. The photograph of a hard ticket WILL NOT be allowed.


DO NOT buy tickets/passes from a 3rd party (example: Facebook, eBay, StubHub, Craigslist, Kijiji) because they will not be allowed. Electrostub and Oasis are not responsible for counterfeit tickets and can not guarantee the validity of the purchases made with an unauthorized distributor.

What is a Gold VIP ticket?

A Gold VIP ticket offers your :

  • Exclusive and fast entrance Gold VIP;
  • Access to the main stage front row Gold VIP that offers you an incredible view of the artist;
  • Access to every Gold VIP zone on-site;
  • Exclusive bars in the Gold VIP zone;
  • Private washrooms in the Gold VIP zone.

Gold VIP tickets available are limited.

What is Platinum VIP section?

The Platinum VIP section offers you an incredible view of the crowd and, more importantly, of the artist, with an assigned waitress, a bottle service, a private place to sit, a table for your alcohol and unlimited access to this section through the Platinum VIP wristband.

Each Platinum VIP Section can welcome 10 to 30 persons.

The price of a Platinum VIP Section depends on the location and on the group size.

Platinum VIP sections available are limited.

You can reserve a Platinum VIP Section by contacting us via the contact form.

When will I receive my wristband?

Your wristband is your access to attend the festival.

It will be shipped at the end of April at the billing address indicated when purchased.

The shipping address has to be the billing address. Also, the wristbands will be shipped to Canadian addresses only. Customers with non-Canadian addresses will receive information on how to acquire their wristband. Billing addresses are verified at checkout, please check if you indicated the right billing address of the credit card used.

There are shipping fees of $16.50 (including taxes and service fees) per transaction will be added to the total amount of your transaction.

If you purchase several passes in the same transaction, all of the wristbands will be shipped at the billing address.

Are there single day passes?

Yes. You can purchase them by clicking here.

More details about the single day passes are available on the ticketing page.


What is the minimum age requirement for Metro Metro Festival?

Access to the festival is restricted to people aged 16 and over, no exception.

Each person will have to present a valid government issued ID, with a photo.

Any photograph or photocopy of ID will not be allowed.

When will set times be available?

The programming for each day is already available. Check out our website or our social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

Set times and detailed schedule will be available in May.

Headliners are the last to play on each given day.

Each performance varies between 30 and 90 minutes.

The schedule might be subject to change.

Can I rent a locker?

Yes, there will be lockers available on site. Additional information will be sent to you soon.

How do I get to Metro Metro Festival? How can I find the location?

The Metro Metro Festival is taking place on The Esplanade of the Olympic Park.

The address is 4545 Pierre-de Coubertin Avenue, Montreal, QC, H1V 0B2.

By Car

P1 underground parking is located at 4545 avenue Pierre-De Coubertin or P2 underground parking is located at 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue.

Public Transport

The Esplanade is located above the Pie-IX metro station on the green line near 97, 139, 439 bus stops.

Active Transportation

There is bicycle access via bicycle paths of Rachel Street, Maisonneuve Park et de la Bennett Street. Bicycle racks are available a few steps away from the entry and in the parking P2. A BIXI station on the Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue is located near PIE-IX metro station.

Access for people with reduced mobility

The Esplanade is available to people with reduced mobility. The sanitation facilities adapted for people using wheelchairs is located at the entry of administrative offices at 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue.

Is there a parking lot on-site?

There is underground parking. The entry of parking P1 is located at 4545 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue and P2’s entry is located at 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue.

The parking price is $20 (including taxes). You can pay by cash, debit card or credit card (MasterCard and Visa only).

For more information about parking, visit the Olympic Park website by clicking here.

Security & Accessibility

What objects are allowed on the festival site?

Here is a list of the items allowed on the festival site, no other objects will be allowed, no exception:

  • Digital, disposable or non-professional cameras (no professional video and audio equipment – detachable lenses – is permitted at the festival);
  • Empty plastic or reusable water bottle;
  • Sunscreen (250 milliliters maximum format – except sunscreen in flammable aerosol cans);
  • Prescription medicine;
  • Small backpacks and bags/purses (please note that all bags will be searched – if you want to enter faster, come WITHOUT a bag);
  • Beach towels and blankets;
  • Cushion with a non-rigid back frame;
  • Snacks (example: sandwiches, chewy bars, uncut fruits) in a non-rigid container;
  • Cigarettes and lighter;
  • Banners/Flags or posters handmade (without metal or wood posts).

Is there an access on-site for people with reduced mobility?

Yes, Metro Metro Festival is available and adapted for anyone with mobility difficulties permanently or temporarily. The festival site is also available for people using wheelchairs manual or electric, three or four-wheeled scooter, crutches or a walker, a multi-prong cane, a seeing-eye or assistance dog.

The Esplanade, the location of the festival, is available to people with reduced mobility. The sanitation facilities adapted for people using wheelchairs is located at the entry of administrative offices at 4141 Pierre-De Coubertin Avenue.

Will I be able to find security on-site?

Yes. Security guards will be on the festival site at all times. You will be able to reach out to them if there is a problem.